September 30 release preview
Dear Patrons!

I'm preparing the files for a timed release at the moment. Fingers crossed that it will work properly the 30th, which will be my first charged post! Woho! I will be away that weekend so I want to take the opportunity to thank you all for the support right now!

In other news, October is coming up! As it is one of my favorite months, I'll release one drawing every October weekend til the end of the month for all Patrons for free beside the regular charged release depending on your pledge! I'll return with more information on that and on the October 31 release later on. Have a great day!

Here's my own character text. I'd love to hear how you use these little critters. "These little critters of the night have munched on one too many strange mushrooms. They live in the forests where the moss reign supreme, forming local colonies based on the stories they tell each other in their states of drug induced hysteria. It is more a rule than an exception for them to wage war with other colonies. Malnourished, cold and red eyed; they look weak but are extremely dangerous in a group."