September Giveaway!
A new quarter is coming up, and that means a new quarterly giveaway. This time around I'm offering an 11" x 17" print of my image "Least Resistance." As before, this will be a signed and numbered print from an open edition.

I made this photograph a few years ago on a trip back to my hometown for the holidays. It was a cool November morning, and my wife and I had decided to take the opportunity of a little down time to take our kids to Dennis the Menace Park, a local playground and favorite childhood memory for us both. I was somewhat dismayed to discover that several of the older structures had been removed or replaced, including the old metal slide. But my eye was drawn to the dewdrops left on the new slide by the morning fog.

One lucky patron will be selected by random drawing on Saturday, September 5. If you'd like to increase your chances, I'll give you an extra entry into the drawing if you post a link to my Patreon page to Facebook or Twitter. Just make sure to tag me in the post so I know to give you credit.

Thanks again for all of your support!