September Newspost
Thanks once again for another month of support!

We have hit the goal for re:play episode 2! I'm very excited to be able to continue the project with more FF6! I'm aiming to have it out publicly the last weekend of the month, and available as an exclusive here for about a week before that, but we'll see how it works out.


I'm also finishing up My Little Po-Mo vol. 3, again targeting the end of the month for release. It's possible that the schedule might slip into October, however, so I'm not going to make it available for $10 backers until Oct 1/when it's ready (so it'll be available to people who backed in September, but not August).


Otherwise, just continuing with the vlogs and Near-Apocalypse articles as always. I feel they've been going well the past month, and I hope you do as well. We're nearing the end of what will eventually be Volume 1--I've put the cutoff at episode 45--so expect the next couple of months to contain some closing of rhetorical circles I set up in past entries.


As always, $10/mo Patrons can either reply to this post or PM me to request their books, and $15/mo Patrons can do the same to request their commissioned episodes.

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