September 4 2015
Heya Everyone :)

I hope you have been enjoying the daily videos since I moved into the new place and got internet on. Its been a wild ride since last month! I also hope you have been enjoying the new mic quality!

I figured the best thing I could do to give back to you guys was up the channels quality. And the most immediate fix for that was to use a bit of the spare from last month to get a new mic.

It is entry level professional so nothing mind blowing. Its a Samson C03U, and as of this post for the last couple of days I have had access to the rest of the kit I got. A MK10 boom stand. A SP01 shock mount and a PS01 pop filter.
I decided to go all out Samson because this is a bit of a "Professional Audio for dummies" setup and didn't want anything to not fit together.

And surprisingly that extra gear has made a huge difference to quality just because of proper mic positioning and p-pop protection.

Anyhoo. I am absolutely blown away by the continued support. I sat there and insisted "only this month" and most of you have turned around and said "nah screw that I'll be supporting you for as long as is reasonable." And just as I was overwhelmed last month. I have to admit I don't think it will ever become "just another month" and slip by. Also it feels very very weird to be earning a living wage (no thanks to all of you) I spent so long on/under the poverty line (5-6 years) that its bizarre just being able to go to the shops and grab some washing powder if I run out. Rather than having to wait until its "feasible" and other similar situations that you take for granted when earning a living.

I'm Gushing again so I'll wrap up by saying. As of this post you all should be enjoying the last episode of Terraria (for now) and then we go back to the Witcher 3. And of course Minecraft will continue every other day.

Have a wonderful day!