September 4th: General News Update
Ah, a new month. I've already started strong in the Illustration department. I even have another one going up tomorrow (it'll be the finished product of this). I definitely plan to keep it up! I made a list of Works In Progress I have floating around, so I've been making my way through that. I expect September to be a good finished art month.

In case you missed it, here's a round up of posts from last week:


Sleepy Cuddles [Overwatch: Lenily]

#tbt:  "What If?" Heroes of Olympus Fancomic [Percy Jackson: Piper Mclean and Calypso]

Work In Progress:

Work In Progress [Overwatch: Lenily] 

Work In progress [Overwatch: Zarcy] 

Sketch Batch:

Sketch Batch [Pose Practice] [Overwatch: Various] 

August Illustrations

Architect [Overwatch: Symmetra]

Supportive GF [Overwatch: Pharmercy]

 Supercharged Creeper [AH Kings AU: Gavin Free] 

Journey Into Dawn Page 16 [Tapas Mirror]

Journey Into Dawn Page 17 [Tapas Mirror]  

Journey Into Dawn Page 18 [Tapas Mirror]

Journey Into Dawn 

There will be no new page this week. I do highly encourage if you haven't already to catch up on Patreon or Tapastic.

The reason for this is... Something I will tell you whenever the page goes up. It's not future news or anything; I just ran into a snag that I somehow didn't realize I would have with this page and wasn't prepared for it. Somehow. Again, I'll talk more about that when it comes up.

Monthly Download

For the Patron Saints, the new monthly download from August will go up Friday! It will be the Supercharged Creeper Illustration. Remember, at the end of every month, I do an art download for Patron Saints with the original PSD and the original size PNG + JPEG to enjoy. 

No #ThrowbackThursday or Resource Corner this week!