September Updates
Hello Patrons,

I've made a few exciting changes to my goals and rewards, so please take a moment to check out these updates, and if you want to switch pledge level please do so before August is over to be eligible for the new rewards in September.


- Most of the goal amounts above $50 have been lowered to better match current exchange rates to GBP. So it'll be easier for you guys to reach them!

- I've changed some of the goals to give you more than originally offered. For example, instead of offering bi-monthly streaming at one of the higher goals, I'm offering it every week (4 streams a month).


- If you pledge $2 you now get an extra reward! Access to the quarterly wallpapers - that means if you pledge for this month you'll get the autumn one when it's finished, and access to the summer one! 

- If you pledge $10 you now also get an extra, NEW reward! TEASTAINED POSTCARDS! Each month I will post you a hand drawn, teastained postcard featuring an image and message from a character of your choosing. (NOTE: This reward will require your postal address, naturally.)

That's all the updates, if you have any questions just comment below!