September Stickers Are Here!
🔥 🔥 🔥 hot hot hot

Y'all just got a HELLA upgrade. Thank you to everyone who voted in the poll - it was unanimous to move to sticker sheets, which is exciting to me for several reasons:

- More variety, funner to share with your pals

-Changed to a local printer, supporting small businesses
-Higher quality vinyl. Just look at how thick this shit is! 

I considered moving to sticker sheets because I saw you guys putting them on your phones, your sketchbooks, your desks, your pencil boxes; the stickers I was giving were just Too Big. This way you can put a little bit of eggboy punk magic on a little bit of everything and just layer it the heck up.

With that said, I am proud to introduce your September Stickers:


It's friggity-freakin 1999 and you run a SECRET CLUB with your COOL PALS. In between bites of oversalted hard shell cafeteria tacos you guys scribble trash talk in a notebook with metallic and glittery gel pens, and dude it doesn't matter how hard you blow on that ink, it's still gonna bleed like hell into the next page and stamp a backwards cypher onto the previous one, leaving it all indecipherable but it doesn't matter cuz you just needed those feelings out.
You're drawing your favorite pokemon on your arm and you're sitting on your friend's doorstep catching the drips off an orange creamsicle melting in the last precious weeks of the summer sun.

And your auntie got you a sweet multi-subject notebook, and while practical (and a rite of passage), it needs something to really make it yours. That's why you have STICKERS.

All $5 Patrons will be receiving one 4"x6" sticker sheet in the mail - Patronage over $8 will get an additional sheet. Peace!