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September Art Release #1: The Three of Cups
This piece is coming late in the month, but I tried a lot of new things with it, and l learned a lot. I hope you enjoy the "Three of Cups"!


The Three of Cups is a card that focuses on friendship, companionship, and social celebration.  Three friends toast each other in mutual pleasure of one another's company.   Their tales are intertwined, showing the closeness of friendship and the importance of feeling connected with those we decide to keep close in our lives.

This card oftentimes shows up for individuals who are about to enter a very sociable period of their lives.  It stresses the importance of the support of close friends, and reminds us to nurture the bonds we form with others.    


As I mentioned before, this card was a struggle for me.  I don't normally paint multiple characters interacting, and I always find it a little awkward to find a harmony within those interactions.  It was important that the characters in this card felt relaxed and at ease with one another, so it really challenged my abilities in that respect.  I wanted the three to feel like long time friends, and for their to be an overall feel of happiness and timelessness.    The light filtering down through the water, and the golden tones help push that feeling.

Since Cups is the suit of Water they will be represented by the Mer.  There is so much variety of shapes and textures underwater, and I really want these characters to appear unique.   This was also my first time painting the "Guardian" of Cups, which I decided to be an octopus.  The octopus felt like such an easy decision because it can really be painted into any scene easily as its form is so adaptable. 

Coming in September Art Release 2:

Savage Majesty: "Jack of Clubs"

Clubs will be represented by the Zeffur in Savage Majesty.  This is a creature of my own design, and is a strange combination of a fox and hyena.  I really love creating my own creatures where there are no constraints or expectations.  I just let the art create itself!


Unfortunately this month was crazy hectic and as a result I will be unable to create a Bonus Piece for September.  I have something really cool planned for next month however, so stay tuned for that!

Thank you again for all your  support.  You are all so amazing <3<3<3