September Check-In Update 2.0
So... I got a little sick and it made making art hard. And I've totally spaced on doing spreads (which might come a little late but well get done for the $5+ tier). But my aim is to get one set of token portraits done! So here's some clear goals:
  • Get a full set of Filipina dwarves done and released here/DriveThruRPG/Roll20 Marketplace. The set right now is only three portraits in light armor, heavy armor, and I'll be making a barbarian one and robes/clothes. Maybe both? So stay tuned!
  • Get some GM tarot spreads done and posted here. Just here. Just at the $5+ tier. No one else gets the thing until the whole thing is done. Sorry, fam. There's going to be a world seed, a campaign seed, and a dungeon seed spread with quickie notes on how to make the thing work.
  • There's still freelance stuff but that's not what this Patreon is about so... I've posted stuff on twitter though, if you feel like wading through my campaign updates (currently playing D&D 5e and SWN) and wrestling liveblogging. You can also generally follow there for me chattering about stuff.

Okay, that's it. Have some attached loose sketches to tempt you while I make things!