September Energy Update
Welcome to my first short update newsletter! I am putting this out for all to see as this is my first post and i am new to patreon! I am still on my travels, 3 weeks now, i am doing the work that want doing, and of course i am enjoying the beautiful nature of south france and the deep healing and revolations of rememberence. And if course the meeting of soul family! In past lives i lived and worked with myself, the people, nature, the portals and the divine energys of ascension. I feel a deep love and comunion with nature here! My journey has been with little money and no plans or arrangements and with only a sligt idear of where to go. My higher self knows where and what, and gets me there without much hassel! Fully in the now moment going where my life flow takes me! 9 portals have been activated! :) More info on that later! :-) ---------------------------------------------------- šŸŒSeptember & Eclipse SeasonšŸŒ› This eclipse seson is as always a time of great change. The changes will be happening on the inside first as always, and the sturring of emotions and the prompting for growth continues. In some ways September may be experienced as a time of great introspection. September is a time for taking a breath and the continuated entering of a very new phase of expansion. Things are about to get just a little more crazy, even doe, for many it mite seem like its not posible! So do spend you time in peace when possible and charge your energy for the coming time of great change in the physical. This is coming because you dear divine human beings have worked and worked, together you have liftet the energy of earth by trancending much pain and density. Here we do not sit at wait for the change to come to us, we change, we transmute and after the results show in our physical reality. This is what we have been doing, many changes has taken place inside and this has indeed been seen in the physical... With this wave of enligtenment energy the changes made inside will be more clear for all to see in the physical. So in a sense, a big wave of physical action energy is about to land, and for this much energy is needed, so do take time out for a breath and a recharge.