September Upcoming Events
Sept 3rd: Tournament Night: Nidhogg 2

It's tournament time at National Mechanics! 

Are you better with a sword or a bow? Can you make it to the Níðhöggr before your opponent stops you? Find out during the Nidhogg 2 tournament!

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Sept 7th: Townhall @Indyhall

There's been a lot going on within the community, so let's take some time and talk about where we were, where we are, and where we're going during a Town Hall. 

Bring your questions and concerns!

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Sept 16nd/17th: Philly Game Jam

It's time for the Philly Game Jam! This year, we're jamming at UArts (320 South Broad Street Philadelphia PA).

The Philly Game Jam is a 24 hour game jam, and jammers are allowed to stay overnight.

  • Doors at 12pm Saturday
  • Kickoff at 1pm
  • Jam ends Sunday at 1pm
  • Judging until 3pm

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Sept 21st:  Philly Game Jam Showcase

Hot off the heels of the Philly Game Jam, join us for the Philly Game Jam Showcase! We'll be spending the evening playing the games that everyone made during the past weekend's Philly Game Jam. 

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But there's more to come for this month...

We actually have more events that are still in the process of finalizing so stay tune! We'll keep you informed as soon as we lock down the events.

Thanks again for your continued support!

Philly Game Mechanics