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Flag Dash is...well, it's pretty much exactly you you think it is. Surprisingly, no one has made a memorable game about Capture the Flag...till now. You can check out the BGG Entry for more info.

Just about everyone can remember back to a time when they played Capture the Flag. Sometimes it would be an extracurricular thing, but for most of us, it was that game in gym class where everyone was separated into two sides and told that some flag, ball, or colored jersey was THE most important thing in your life for the next 45 minutes. Were you one to go on the offense, making the daring dash to secure victory behind enemy lines, hoping no one catches one of your tear-away ribbons (you know, to avoid physical contact)? Or did you play defense, watching your territory for anyone trying to make a run for it to your base?

Or were you one of those kids that just sort of stood there and waited till the whole thing was over?

Flag Dash hopes to rekindle (or just kindle) your interest in that game now that you're a bit older. Although the name implies a simple game of making a run for it, if you remember, sometimes just bolting for the flag  doesn't work out too well. 

Well, unless you were that kid. You know the one I'm talking about.

Instead, Flash Dash is primarily a 30ish minute programming game with an original theme and cute presentation. Players must work to ensure that their team is successful at securing the flag. It's up to you to plot your turn, make tactical movement and try to guess what your opponent will do in order to stop them. Then see if you made the right moves. 

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