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September Special GG Report: Disrupting Saudi Arabia

Here's a special report that digs into the attack on Abqaiq.  It's a great example of systems disruption.  A field of study we've been digging into since 2004 (talk about ahead of the curve!). 

Since I still plan to write a report (on Hong Kong and the new political spectrum) as well as a brief on the tactics of Hong Kong's guerrilla protesters, I've opened this special report up to the public.  

As always, thanks for the support.  You keep me working and thinking about these things.  

To visitors.  Be polite.  If you share this report, please share the link rather than the file. If you like what you see, and you want to see more of it, please consider supporting it.  

As always, thanks much.


John Robb

PS:  feedback is appreciated.

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