September is Tillie Walden Month

My Internal Monologue as I read the 2016 Ignatz Award Winners online: Winner of the Ignatz Award for Promising New Talent goes to Tillie Walden for i love this part.

Me, genuinely surprised Kevin Budnik's Handbook didn't take home the brick for Promising New Talent: Who the fuck is Tillie Walden?


Sometime between then and now, I picked up Walden's books, one by one, and I discovered firsthand why she took home two bricks from the Small Press Expo last year (the second Ignatz Award was for Outstanding Artist, beating out cartoonists who have made comics longer than she's been alive [Daniel Clowes] and indie folk with established careers [Noah Van Sciver and Kevin Huizenga]).

With the release of Spinning, Walden's autobiographical story of figure skating and adolescence, I decided to revisit her earlier work. Each week, I'll be diving into one of her print comics -- the end of summer, i love this part, A City Inside, and Spinning -- to talk about what I think makes her one of the greatest talents in comics (new or otherwise).

If you want to learn a little bit about Tillie Walden, you can find her books at a good comic shop near you (Spinning is out from First Second, which means it will probably even be at your local comic-friendly bookstore), check out her website, or read some of her digital work (there's also On a Sunbeam, which I haven't carved out the time to read yet). 

I'll see you later this week with the end of summer.


the end of summer