September is here!
Which means fall is just around the corner! Are you excited?

I sure am! I have a couple of exciting things planned for the next couple months, so here’s a quick rundown!

So for September, I’m finishing my current project I’ve shared here on Patreon. The Red Journal is currently sitting at 3.5k words, with a 5k goal. It’s been slow going because the format is not what I’m used to, but that’s okay! It’s all a part of learning! September will be the month I really focus on getting TRJ finished and polished.

Next is October. October is the Month of Halloween, so it will be all about monsters. I hope to start sharing micro/flash-fiction (<1k word stories) throughout this month. If that goes well, the micro/flash-fiction portion will stay for good! In the meantime, I post mico/flash-fiction on Sweek ( occasionally.  

The next big project I’m working on, now that The Void Between Stars has been published, is a Romeo and Juliet retelling. It will feature a Happily Ever After ending and two gay women as protagonists (at least). I’m in the pre-planning phase, but for November I hope to get the rough draft pounded out. More details will come!

Finally, the over-arching project that I’m always working on is Opposing Magics. 28k/45k words have been re-written and edited vigorously already, but there’s always more to be done. I only have another chapter to completely redo before I can sink my claws into the meaty third act. It’s plugging along, slowly but surely.

That seems to be my motto lately, but it’s true. Just keep going, even if it’s slow, and you’ll eventually reach the end.

Have a happy September!