September is now upon us!
How's it going, everyone? Marriland here!

Though I launched my Patreon campaign at the very, very end of August, the support on it has been fantastic so far! Thank you so much, you early-birds, for your pledges!

I've opted to make this post public, for full transparency for anyone else looking to pledge for September, but it definitely affects the status of the $5.00/mo and $10.00/mo pledges, so listen up if you've either pledged that amount or are considering it!

My plan, once I reach $100/mo in total pledges, is to set up a hosted Minecraft server. Anyone that has opted to pledge $5.00/mo or more will be able to be whitelisted on the server once it is set up and once you have had at least one pledge processed.

What does this mean? Now that it's September, if you pledge $5.00/mo, Patreon won't actually process that pledge and charge your card/payment until October 1st–3rd or so. You aren't charged until then, and, consequentially, I don't receive anything until then, so if you make your pledge in September, you won't be whitelisted until October. Got it? Good!

However, you lovely early-birds that pledged at least $5.00/mo in August, I have some good news for you: if I can reach the $100/mo total pledges and reach my first goal, you WILL be whitelisted for the server once it is set up and won't have to wait until October (assuming your pledge goes through, of course!). So, if that's something you're interested in, you will be able to join the Patreon-exclusive Minecraft server as soon as it is set up. :)!

I do feel bad that, as of yet, the $5.00/mo pledge does not actually grant you any goodies (beyond the $1.00/mo and $3.00/mo pledges), but since it is working toward the goal of setting up a Minecraft server for us all to play on, I hope that you will understand and be excited about it nonetheless! And, rewards aside, hopefully you know that your pledges tickle me pink — it's so cool to think that you would be willing to help chip in!

Thank you so much, everyone! And, for those of you who have not yet pledged, I hope this gives you an understanding of the current situation! Hopefully by the start of October we can reach the $100/mo goal and get the Patreon-exclusive Minecraft server going!

And also, a reminder: pledging $10.00/mo at this point is still SUPER NICE, but we'll have to reach that $250/mo goal before I can set up the Patreon-exclusive Pixelmon server as well as the Mumble server. Please understand that, but you will also be among the first to get access. :)

Have a great day, everyone!

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