September: Leslie Jones [Knight]
Hello everyone!I initially started this patreon as an exploration of reimagined characters from pop culture, that center the african diaspora, WOC, and QPOC.  Not only that, but I wanted to take historical and contemporary figures and place them in my world of illustrations. However, I encountered a dilemma. I wanted to make my patreon images exclusive for months at a time. But I was also working on challenging underrepresentation. So hoarding images for months at a time seemed a bit counterproductive. It especially squashed ideas that were very current. As a result I'm introducing a new feature to Melanin Mythologies.  

From now on I'll be creating two projects per month for Patreon. One will remain a patreon exclusive, with rewards, and remain private for months at a time. While the other will be open to the public.

With of that in mind, I want to introduce you all to my first public Patreon illustration: Leslie Jones.But of course since I'm staying on theme she gets an RPG/Fantasy job class. I envision her as a Knight. With humor and jokes as her blade. And the resilience of an entire army.

I often think of the type of women that are showcased in SFF illustration. And black women are constantly excluded, *especially* women like Leslie. More than anything I am inspired by her resilience and ability to laugh in the face of misogynoir. And that's why casting her RPG class as a Knight was especially fitting.

Now to just take this drawing to a finished painting!

- Odera