September Map - Battlefield of the Fallen
So after a pretty tight vote, Battlefield of the Fallen has won the September map vote!

IDEAS for the Map-

I think for this one, I want it to be very dark like, and the ground should have a few levels with patches of flagstones and dead or dying grass growing in between them. Maybe on the outskirts of a destroyed wall. Broken war engines laying around, Riven shields, shattered swords, and piles of half covered bones. 

However I want the overall mood of the piece to be old, as in an ancient battlefield that is crumbling and barrow like, not a recent one, hence the haunted mist look. The mist will be thick, and amongst the detritus, their could be clues to a more recent struggle.

 I have included two jpegs pics for reference and/or inspiration, so you can check them out. Above is an old painting I did, depicting a barrow wight on the march, again for inspiration!.

Anybody have idea they would like to add or see changed? I'm all ears!

I shall post the October Map Selections tomorrow!

CC regards,


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