Sacred Minor is one of the greatest bands that never was.

No fault, no blame, only nostalgia.  

On March 10, 2011, I met George Young for the first time.  It was supposed to be an introduction set up by Lizbet, but she suddenly "had to be somewhere else".    

So as we sat there in the fellowship hall of my church, we connected the only way we had at the moment: music.  He played through a couple verses of a song that he was working on and 30 minutes later, we had finished it.  And then we rode that wave into No.  

Everything was finished on this one except for the bridge.  If I remember correctly (BIIIIIIG "if" there...) the idea of a double melody/echo effect had been in his head and I simply supplied the lyrics.  

The only recording I have of this song so far was taken that day on my cellphone.  In it, you (or should I say "I" since the odds are it won't see the light of day...or maybe that'll be one of our private Patron posts...) you can hear George singing and playing the main part with me filling in for the bridge vocals and plunking around an on out-of-tune piano across the room.  

Oh Sacred Minor...that was the beginning of a damn good year.    


I tried thinking it over but it's all the same
Shouldn't I feel better about that?
You've got style, you've got something I can't take
Wouldn't I be better without that?   No

Tried glossing it over, but it's still your name
That lingers on my lips for days
I got so tired of taking only what you gave
But did I step up and confess the truth?  No

Is there something I should say?
(Can anything hurt worse than the silence?)
This web of words I weave won't solve my problem but...
Could it make it better than today?
(Love can't be born out of hesitance)
The kind of thing I ought to keep to

I tried thinking it over, but it's all the same 

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