September Paper Figure Set: Appalachian Folk Monsters
Hey, guys! Here are the eight monster cards that I did for the set, as well as a patron-exclusive extra (non-Patrons: you can see it, but it's not part of the print pdf for you). I had so much fun with these that I'm going to make a second batch a voting option for October's figure set, in the off chance that y'all want to see more of them. There are still plenty of "real" monsters from which to draw, but there are also a couple more of my own invention that I'd like to flush out.  Though how much is real invention and how much is pulling from stories we've been telling each other since I was a youngster? Who's to say? I can't lay claim to much in this arena, since most of it is more distillation of stories than invention of them. Though I was out walking in the woods yesterday and came up with one of which I'm pretty happy.

Here are the monsters:

Now, I've only ever heard tell of cornies from one source: Liz's family.  When she was a kid on the farm, she and her brother were warned not to wander into the cornfields, or the cornies would get them. Liz's mom was told the same by her mother, who was told the same by hers. There was no mythology attached to 'em, just a name and a warning. And I thought they sounded like the spookiest dang thing I'd ever heard.  

Attached (below) is the print file for the set. You can cut them into cards (easy, just slice down the middle of the white borders) or you can trim them like in the above pic to make decorative standups. If you want, print up a bunch of copies (on card stock) and give them to youngsters as Halloween goodies!

Happy October! If you're not a bumpkin like me, maybe these cards will make you feel an honorary bumpkin.