September Patron Report
Hey guys! First, off thank you guys not only for your support, but also your patience as I'm learning this Patreon thing. There were less growing pains in August than in July, and I hope you noticed the difference. Because of your contributions, I was able to afford to buy paper and finally restart Sorcerer's Apprentice after a nearly 6 month hiatus. That was all you guys.

Just as a friendly reminder, right now the end of the hiatus means 2 new pages of Sorcerer's Apprentice every week, but the milestone of $500 dollars a month would mean a return to the 3-page-a-week schedule that comic originally ran on. I'd love to go back to that level of work, and guys like you can make it happen. If you know people who would love to read Sorcerer's Apprentice or Midnight Menagerie, by all means, tell them about it. While being the internet's best kept secret has it's charm, eating and having electricity is a lot more alluring.

For the contributors at the Streaming level, that stream will be sometime later this month, it will be on a Saturday in the morning by virtue of the fact that is when I actually work. I would much rather cater to what's convenient for you, but my disability has more of a say in my life than I do. Also, the week of September 7th is a scrub week for new pages because 4th-6th I will be at NDK in Denver and won't have time to work during the weekend. Also, because my life is seemingly a never-ending fiasco, the 7th-9th I also won't be available because of reasons.

Anyway, thanks again you guys!

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