The September Plan
Quick note first, I've changed from per-prototype to per-month. In the short term, I don't expect it to make a difference - prototyping a doll from scratch takes a couple of weeks, so I'd probably only be doing one a month anyway.

Anyway, the plan for the month of September is to make weekly entries, probably on Mondays but maybe on Sundays or Fridays, outlining my goal for that week. Since the September project is the pony and September starts tomorrow, I'll go ahead and make my week one post right now~

So my goals for week one are:

  • settle on a color scheme for the pony
  • make at least one (but no more than all four) leg(s)
  • shoot what gets made and post about it by end of week 1
  • get self to signal boost this campaign a bit more

... sounds simple enough, right? Of course since the first week of the month also tends to be ALL THE ERRANDS week, I'm trying to keep things simple so I don't stress myself out too much. ;) Of course that last one is going to be A Thing, but...