September Post - Thank You
Dear Patrons - 

I am writing again from the Woods of Maine. Folks, we've started using the wood stove on occasion up here and WILLIKERS is that a good feeling! You light up a fire in that big metal box, close the door and open the flue and the thing purrs while you just sit back, drink your morning coffee, and feel the toasty gratefulness in the floorboards. I hope you get to crunch your toes in the morning frost and then run back to your cozy home to recover. 

Anyway, this month was the first time that I watched a Palaver show in a few years - the team did all the hard work and I got to sit in the audience at the Armory in Somerville with a beer. That's right! It's one of those venues. We had a great crowd, and it was a wonderful show - not an easy show, but there was wonder in it. After all, it was titled "Something for the Pain". But we needed it - we needed that resonating strength to guide us through the mucky morass that is the modern world. We partnered with the New England Veteran's Home and Center to make sure that some veterans had tickets to the concert - and next month we'll be doing a concert at the Center as well.  

As I reflect on the pain that exists out there, and those big questions that might have scary answers, I find rest in the knowledge that with my music I can contribute to an antidote. A feeling, a community, a moment, a pulse - these I know we can contribute, and none of it would happen without your help. On behalf of all Palaver I again have the pleasure of thanking you for your gift to us. With your help we will continue to bring our gifts to pass on where ever we can. 

With Thanks,

Nate, and Palaver