September Print and Play Downloads
Thank you for all your ongoing support this month, with your help we have created new educational materials for our local schools including 5 copies of our Emotions game for SEN departments across West London as well as 10 copies of the Literacy and Colouring book below. The Tabletop club will also be reopening for the new school year. The bulk of this currently comes from my own personal funds, so any help is appreciated! You will find your free September releases below/attached and a link to our previous months at the end.

September Print and Play Downloads:
Mystery on the SS Sandbrook: 3-8 Player social deduction card game based on a ship leaving from the fictional village of Sandbrook. Players find themselves awoken in the night by an explosion - a robed person seen fleeing the scene. Will the Inquisitor be able to destroy the cult before its too late? Find out in a game where each playthrough tells a different story! Download attached includes instructions and game cards.

Additional game:

"The Young Suitor" is a free to play game designed to be played with any pack of cards, or with the print and play attached. A cute romance themed game of trying to win over your suitor. Download attached.

Game Jam:
Coming Soon: Seasons due 11th September.

Contest Winners!

Congratulations to Howard and Chris for winning our Demon Controller Mini August competition. Copies will be sent out to you soon!

Other resources; 
Published/Ebooks: Emotions colouring books to support the release of Emotions Card game from last month: 

Literacy book Link 

Colouring Book Link 

You can also find them on Amazon.

 You can find August's free print and plays here