September Review
It's the end of the month, So what have your contributions allowed me to accomplish?

I have been able to finalize the ruleset for my roleplaying game, Hardwire. Backers at the $3 level and up have access to the alpha sheets - now the game has entered the "book writing" stage where all my learnings get combined with theme and artwork and put into a format that is suitable for print. I hope to release an 'ashcan' printing of the game by the end of November, after it has been playtested and edited.

I have been able to write up and workshop my live-action roleplay "stage fighting" technique, called Ars Tegumi (the art of hand methods). It blends hand-to-hand combat styles from eastern and western cultures into a "game" that can be played out by actors, to help resolve live roleplay conflicts without resorting to foam padded swords. It looks slick, it plays nice, and after a few more workshops (courtesy of the Larp House in Minneapolis), it will be made available to live-action roleplayers around the world.

Since picking up PICO-8, I have started creating a port of the classic tank shooting multiplayer game, Bolo. I have done all of the sprite art, music and programming myself, and it is in a working alpha state. By the end of next month I hope to have it as complete as possible, and I will distribute the cart to everyone. Backers at the $6 level and up can see the current source code versions and working files. If you're a programmer, feel free to help with the process!

Lastly, and probably the one you care the most about, your contributions have allowed me to pay for web hosting for the REST OF THE YEAR. This is fantastic. As a tangible result, Aric and I are revamping the Blank It webpage, and Aric has happily provided me FOUR new scripts, which I will work on drawing over the month of October. YES. The mighty handful of backers that you are will help revitalize my favorite web project I've ever had the honor of producing.

This is my first month on Patreon, and you all have allowed it to be one of the most productive months in my creative existence since becoming a parent six years ago. This is a wonderful upswing for me, and I can't wait for you all to start reaping the fruits this progress bears. See you next month with some more goodies!