September rewards sent out!
If you were successfully charged for September you should have received a message with download links for your reward tier!

September's PDF was on brushes, or how to fish.

It's come to my attention that sometimes after the initial charging cycle where your pledge may be declined, Patreon sometimes goes back later in the month and completes a successful charge. By this time, rewards would usually have been sent out. If you notice that you were charged for a cycle but didn't receive a reward, this may be why. If that's the case, please contact me via message on here at your earliest convenience so I can look into the matter and send you your rewards if you are owed them. (I'm putting this here because someone contacted me via Tumblr ask and described what sounded like this situation, but never got back to me on Patreon so that I could actually check/confirm. If this is you, please drop me a line here!)

Colder weather is rolling in, getting ready to wrap up warm! Thanks everyone for the support. :)

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