September Short Answer Submission Is Open!

Update: First batch is upSecond batch is up

Hello, here's the form for submitting questions for this round of short answers. Submissions are open to Patrons at the $10 tier and above first, will open to everyone after 3 days, and close when I get to 12. 

Benefits of the Form: You get confidentiality (vs. aligning your username with a question), I get to track submissions more easily and limit the number each round. 

If you'd like to read past iterations to see what we've covered, use the Short Answer Friday tag. I really don't like to answer questions about violence or abuse (incl. emotional abuse) in this short form, and as stated before, kinda full up on "how do I politics" content for now, but I love the chance to range wide and prioritize people who support the site. Thank you for your support and your questions. 

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