September Status Post

Not a ton to report, except that I really, really don't want to repeat what happened last month, where I let things pile up and had to do everything at the end. So I'm going to try to get back on one video and one essay per weekend, with the exception of this weekend, where I'm planning to get re:play up as well, and the last weekend of the month, where I'll do the regular and bonus vlogs.

I'm waiting to hear on whether I present any panels at Anime USA next month, but if I do it'll only be repeats of old panels, so no real work involved beforehand. That makes this an ideal month to crack down on the next book, which I want to have ready to Kickstart in October, since that's the last month of the year it's advisable to try to Kickstart something. I'll have more details here as it gets closer--but right now, just the previously written content I'm planning to include is 45K words, and the new stuff will be at least that much. It's gonna be big, is what I'm saying.

Otherwise... we had a bit of a drop-off in Patreon pledges. It was expected, but still. I'm concerned about how close we are to the previous milestone--it'd suck to drop back below it. I'm brainstorming ideas to attract new people--let me know if you have any suggestions!

As always, August backers at the $10 level and above can comment on this post or PM me to request their ebooks/commissions.