September Storm Kickstarter Success
This Summer 3-D SPACE ran a Kickstarter campaign to raise funding to save the lost 1960 3-D feature film SEPTEMBER STORM. We needed to reach our goal of $25,000 in order for our partner in the project, the 3-D Film Archive, to be able to move forward with the digital restoration of the film elements which were starting to deteriorate. We were thrilled to reach that goal after only two weeks, and we successfully ended the campaign with over $30,000 in pledges from our supporters. 

I'm very excited to say that the work on the picture is just about done, and the newly preserved SEPTEMBER STORM is being prepared for a Blu-ray 3D release. One of our stretch goals in the campaign was the inclusion of a lenticular 3-D cover for the Kickstarter Blu-ray edition of the movie, exclusive to those who backed the project. Above is the (nearly) final art for the lenticular print, created by Eric Kurland of 3-D SPACE from the original 1960 movie poster.

We wouldn't have been able to move forward with this Kickstarter campaign if we didn't already have the support from you, our patrons. Thank you for continuing to make the monthly donations which keep our screenings, events, and preservation projects going. We're currently preparing the 3-D SPACE Fall 2016 update and will be sending it out to our patrons very soon. 

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