September stuff and update!
Hey, lovely patrons,Živko here. 

I want to update you on the everything. I did not post updates because I have some connection security problems and I cannot login to Patreon from myhome wifi, and my dear ISP can't solve it still. Right now I am at a friend's place and I can login and post. 

This september was really productive and I am very happy with the outcome and amount of work, also the quality of the work, so far one of my best months so far on Patreon, work and pledge wise! I could not record any video, but I think I made up for it with pictures.

Also, I am happy to announce that I broke the $100 milestone on Patreon! This is a huge step and I hope to continue to grow through your support and some dedicated work. 

Thanks again for the support you give me, I will try to send my rewards a bit earlier this month! :D Love ya!