September Update
Hey everyone. Thank you as always for your wonderful pledges.  They help a LOT!

So in August we got the AD site infrastructure up and re-debuts as the first comic on the new site. As I'm typing this I just put up two new applications for member review for AD comics.  We're also in talks with existing Katbox members to see who want to have works on that side as well. Mihari has also been working with the developer of our comic plugin to roll out a new version of it with some back-end updates, one of which we asked for was a mature filter that can be enabled only for specific pages. Sadly no ETA on the Front Page system yet, still getting stuff worked out on that... front.

I did want to run something by you guys: our wonderful and probably attractive patrons.  Lately on weekends I've been popping into voice chat with people on streams and chatting with them on voice. Drinking is sometimes involved and it's been getting a lot of good responses from people.  So I wanted to propose a new idea and see what you think:

I'd like to propose that once a month I host a patrons only stream.  The stream will likely be me doodling on my Picarto channel or I could make a twitch channel. I'll also have one or more Katbox people with me. We'll talk about the site, about comics, take questions, and I'm thinking also have a general topic to discuss that you guys vote on.  News, Science, Culture, or Conspiracies.  The length would be at least an hour and be on a weekend evening. There might also be drawing from actual artists or we might do some other devilry. I'd try to announce guests in advance.

Thoughts and suggestions are welcome.