September Update
Hey all of you amazing people! I am very sorry for the lack of updates. I tend to lose track of time and become lazy. My deepest apologies for  taking this long for an update.

Love Clan Server - We are planning to get the update ready by September 12th. We are going to go with some new mods and taking out some mods. The biggest thing about this update is that I am removing the OP recipes. I want to see how the pack plays without any messing with it. If you haven't got your email for the Perks.. I will send them out after I am  done typing this message.

Pledge Updates - I am going to need to change the perk of the building... I havent honestly kept up with it and I feel absolutely horrible about it. I need an idea to replace it.. if you guys could think of a pledge I could change that to.. I would very much appreciate it. Thank you :)

Giveaways- I am planning to do all the giveaways on Friday. All 6 of them will be given away on Friday.. So if you are a patron from last month and this month. Be ready to for a ton of giveaways on Friday! <3

That is pretty much all of my updates at the moment. I appreciate you guys so much and thank you all for being patient! Every Last One of You!! Thank You! <3