September madness update
Hello ^^

First of all, Glück denies reality and sits on "a thing" on "another thing" and is pouting. This is quite common, when he wants to be "noticed" (he also sighs heavily and "grunts" every now and then to attract attention).

Maybe I'll learn from him :p

September is beginning (wait, we're already HALFWAY THROUGH? FFFUUUU..) quite harshly around here, but while my inscription isn't up until november (for some weird academia reason), I'm already working on the whole thing, gathering further data from my master's thesis, trying to expand it into a more ICT appproach, yaddi yadda.

I may migrate my "pressfolio" into another website (probably a blogspot?) so I can have a little more hands on control on it (that, and not having 12 essays limits, right).

I'm also settling back into the IT job of uni (with less hours) so I can dedicate more time to the thesis, the translation of precedent works, and help you guys with whatever you'd like to be helped with (if anything ^_^).

I found an interesting Thesis written in English who tackles some of the same problems that I will, so it's here in attached files (available through the online portal to find and read thesis). It's quite aimed towards economy and law (and math, damn), but the texty texts are readable I promise.

The conclusion is very interesting (if you can't stand the whole thing, thesis can be read by going through introductions and conclusions of chapter, then general introduction and general conclusion).

I'll keep giving news as they come !