September/October update!
Hi, everyone!

As promised, here's a big old update post to keep everyone... well, updated.



This is probably our biggest piece of news – we'll be printing the first ever physical copies of Vigor Mortis next month!

Vigor Mortis issue one can be yours for the dead good price of £10, and as promised patrons pledging $10 and above will get a 50% discount (£5!) while patrons pledging $15 and above will also get a PDF version of issue one as well as a signed limited edition patron-only print (which we hope to have done and ready to ship in November).

Furthermore, anyone who pre-orders a copy of Vigor Mortis issue one will get a 10% discount, meaning $10+ patrons – who already get an exclusive 50% discount – will be able to get their hands on a copy of the book for an incredibly nifty £4.50!

Also please check that your name is written as you want to appear in the book here (and get in touch ASAP if it's not) before it's immortalised in print!

There is one downside to this, however: due to me being somewhat short on funds at the moment (THANKS, LIFE), there are unlikely to be any comic pages in October. However, we will be doing our best to make it up you...


Terrible name aside, in order to make up for the lack of comic pages during October, the spookiest of months, we'll be laying on lots of fun stuff, including:

  • Colour Me Cosh competition – This is pretty much exactly as it sounds – more information will be released soon!
  • Patron-only trick or treat – This is going to be fun (and yes, there will be actual candy up for grabs). As with Colour Me Cosh, you'll be getting more info about this in the near future
  • Halloween cheesecake – We'll be adding in another cheesecake milestone goal at $115. If we manage to hit it before Halloween, patrons will get to decide on a Vigor Mortis character (or, as we learned from last, characters) to be portrayed in a piece of full-colour pin-up art. As before, a randomly selected patron will get to keep the signed original with the print to be made available to everyone else at a discount. However, if we don't get there by midnight on the 31st of October then there will sadly be no spooky cheesecake :(


What with the overabundance of aforementioned Life Stuff that's been happening (and is still happening) for both me and Jennie, a lot of the Patreon extras have sadly fallen by the wayside. As such, we're hoping to catch up with the following things this month:

  • Cheesecake prints – As promised as part of the $100 milestone goal, we will be producing some A4 prints of the Vigor Mortis cheesecake featuring Cosh and Aloysius. For everyone else, a print will £10, but patrons get grab one for £5 (a tasty 50% discount) – get in touch if you'd like one!
  • Fan fiction doodles – Jennie will be getting back to her illustrations of a few of her favourite 50 Shades of Slate stories, so stay tuned and we'll share them with you as soon as they're done
  • Character cocktails – We currently have two more of these in the draft stage (which Jennie will undertake the terrible task of testing for you when she's well/free enough to do so)
  • Leaked Reaper Organisation emails – These will be returning after chapter three's script is locked and loaded (the first draft is finished and currently in the process of being edited)

We'll also be reworking a few of the Patreon rewards, namely:

  • The aural entertainment milestone goal – These have proved pretty time consuming to get just right due to time, equipment and budget limitations, so while do hope to release audio titbits in the future, this milestone goal reward will now effectively be becoming one cool extra thing every month or so, be it a competition, freebie, patron-steered fluff ramble, character playlist, etc. – we have a lot of cool ideas for stuff to throw your way once normal service resumes!
  • The $20+ pledge reward – This is in the process of being overhauled to be made more meaty and defined – watch this space, potential top tier patrons!
  • More patron-only secret things – You guys are special, so we're going to try and share more stuff with you and only you in general

Also don't be shy, $5+ patrons – ask a character a question if you've got one!


Firstly, thank you for making it this far through the text wall (or skipping to this section, because it's quite possibly the most important one).

I mean it when I say that we'd never have got this far without you. Your pledges, no matter how big or small, have all helped keep this little project of mine going, for which I am eternally grateful.

Having something to work on seems to be beneficial for my often wibbly brain, and the support you've shown both me and Vigor Mortis throughout what have been some tough times lately has probably helped me out more than you know.

So thank you. A lot. You're all dead good.

As always, if you're enjoying then comic then please share it and/or the Patreon – the more supporters we get, the more secure Vigor Mortis's future and the more dead people drama can unfold (and stuff really starts going down in the next couple of chapters, you guys – I HOPE YOU'RE AS EXCITED AS I AM)!

[Rest in] peace.