September Channel Update
Hi Gang. :)

Well, I started to upload the channel update then went to bed so I didn't get a chance to put the link in here until now. I was a bit worried because the save option wasn't working properly when I left the upload. In the past when it has stumbled videos have been uploaded without correct titles, thumbnails etc. In this instance the only thing it screwed up was the tags - I can live with that. :)

I should be able to get back to a more consistent gaming upload regime now. :) Which I'm really looking forward to. I haven't been gaming as much as usual over the last few weeks and I'm missing it.  With the animated channel I wanted to get to where it is now with enough content to provide some flavour. Now I can let it settle a bit and get back into other things - such as playing games. :)

MoO has been a big pleasant surprise for me over the last week or so. I pretty much couldn't stop playing that when I started. I actually was going to sit down and get my head back into the Shrine of Freezing at the time but when I saw the large download I thought I'd give it a go and didn't stop. TBH I played it on a setting that I think was too easy. I should have opted for a harder game. From comments it seems you lot prefer it when games screw me over. :)

Anyhow, thanks again guys for your support. Please feel free to message me. I've been a bit distracted over the last week or so but should be back on track again now.



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