September Update
Hello Everyone, Thorgal here! Another month has passed and I wanted to thank you all for you continuing support of me, my channel, and my family with your donations and pledges.

Last months pledges went straight back in to new recording equipment that I bought to get better voice quality for my videos. I am really critical of my voice and especially the volume of it because I think it is important that everyone can hear me clearly in my videos. I know a large percentage of my views are on mobile devices and they usually have bad speakers and I think it helps a lot when you can hear me loud and clear when watching my videos from one of those devices.

The series I am focusing on currently on YouTube are Avant 3, Space Engineers, Starbound, and Empyrion Galactic Survival. While I don't get many views on the latter two series, I am still enjoying those games and hope to keep making videos on them until I feel that it's time to wrap up the Season for those. I will also try to live stream a bit more - at least once a week - and just recently had an Avant 3 stream where we setup a fun slaughterhouse at spawn (on the YouTube server) and I wanted to thank everyone for tuning in and chatting with me during the stream. While the chisel'n'bits parts of the stream weren't that exciting, I had a lot of fun with you all during those 4.5 hours :)

I recently started programming again, and I am working on a new website for as well as a new website that I will release around the same time I apply the update to for me personally. I hope to be able to post personal, gaming, and recording related updates on my personal website to start interacting with you all more outside of my regular videos. I think there are times when viewers would like to chat with me about other things besides my videos and I think that will be the perfect place to do that. Because I am custom programming the engines behind these two new websites to give me full control over them and to make it easier in the future to add new content and pages, it will take some time to get it done, but I hope to be able to go live with both of them by this time next month.

Today I always wanted to make sure that you all know the different ways to get in touch with me and socialize more so I thought I'd post all the links on how you can reach me. So here it goes:

YouTube: website: http://ftog.netDiscord FTOG server: you join the Discord server for the first time, please send me a private message (just click on my name and it will open a message pop up) and tell me that you joined so I can add you to the Patreon group that has access to our own channel).

Okay, that's a lot of things today, but I wanted to mention one more thing, and that is that I went through the list of Patreons today and digitized you all in a different document with all your in-game names tied to your Patreon name and made sure everyone that got charged for this month ($10+) was white-listed on the Avant 3 server. Some of you I haven't seen on the Avant 3 server yet, so make sure to download the pack and join us at 

I wish you all the best, and that we all have a productive, healthy, happy, and great September 2016!

Take care, stay safe, and bye bye! :)

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