September update: Superpowers v3!
Hi friends! Here comes another batch of updates :)

- Superpowers v3 with updated Italian translation and support for persisting folder / file authorizations between runs of the app (used by Superpowers Game to save your export folder and Superpowers LÖVE to launch love2d.exe)

- Superpowers Core v3 fixes default revision names and a plugin installation bug

- Superpowers Game v3 updates Three.js to r80, fixes a bunch of bugs and comes with improvements to p2.js (2D physics)

Community highlights!

- Fly, balloon! made for Ludum Dare by Togimaro

- Sky Road by crazyrems, also for Ludum Dare

- Water-drippy-droppy game by Spencer

- DOT.GALAXY released also by Spencer

- Spaceshooter by Metylene

- Custscene system for fighting game by Liam Brocklehurst

- Episode 3 of iWriteTheCode's Top-down shooter tutorial

Enjoy and thanks for the support! ♥

Elisée, Bilou and Pixel-boy