September week 1 progress

First Sunday of the month, dears and buddies, and as I want to do every Sunday late evening, it is the time for checking this short week of 4 days progress.

First of all, and as you may have already noticed, I solved the problem I had with the site and my videos! If you remember it, I once tried to post here a video of a making of but the site did not let me because the video was exported in I-don't-remember-what format and it wanted another, but my free video editor couldn't export that way, all problems, you know. So I had a wonderful idea a couple of days ago, and I created a YouTube channel I will exclusively use to upload these videos!

The videos will be fragments of the +10$ reward, but never the completed video, for instance this video uploaded is about 2 minutes long and the reward video is always around 16 minutes long. So the good news is that now everybody will be able to enjoy at least a fragment of it and all the videos will be together in my YouTube channel. GREAT!

By the way, here you can see the illustration finished. It is titled Another Broken PROMISE, and was designed as a book cover.

Ok, now the weekly goals. More good news! I just finished THE LONGEST NIGHT scene 4 sketches and only the text editing is left, so you will be able to read the chapter tomorrow or so! This week's BLACK WOOD STORY was published and there are only a couple of pages left for sketching of the ARABIAN NIGHTS project. And I even made a decent illustration sketch with grahite and ink which will be posted tomorrow. FABULOUS!

So next week main goal is to finish all THE LAST QUEST pencils for the contest in October, which I am thinking I will scan for you so you can spot the differences with the old version. I will post about it.

And that's all for now! Enjoy next week!