September - Week 2
Hello wonderful Patrons! 

I had a nice weekend at my parents house in Galveston, and spent much of it planning for my next convention - Nightmare Nights in Mid October! - and the art and goals that will be flowing from then til now.

This week I will be focusing on:

* August Downloadable Packs, including the "Moondance" coloring page! 

* Inking and scanning Moondance, Lantern Dragon, and That's Not Unicorn, Yo! 

* Sketches for Fanart buttons - ten sketches per week, to be painted the next week.  This week will be the My Little Pony main characters.  

* Rough Sketches for Fanart Posters - I have an (overly) ambitious goal for four posters a week! I will start on those thumbnails for a series of My Little Pony Carousel Ponies.  Starting off with the Mane Six! 

I'm a bit under the weather, but I will get the Download pack to everyone by Saturday! <3 

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