September Yokai Plans
Greetings yokai fans! One more post today and then I promise I'm done! :)

I can't believe it's September already! This Patreon started mid-August last year, so we have officially completed one year (and a couple weeks) since launch! Thanks so much! Some of you have been with me from the very beginning, and others joined midway, but all of your support means so much to me! To date, this Patreon project has created 37 new yokai illustrations, and the slower pace compared with the Kickstarter has allowed me to spend a bit more time on heavily detailed illustrations every now and then, as opposed to the rush of cranking out 100 paintings in rapid succession. We're more than 1/3 of the way towards the next book!

Tomorrow morning at the crack of dawn I am heading down to Baltimore for Comic Con, where I will be manning a booth at Artists Alley. If you're in the area, come and visit me! I'll be talking about yokai, selling & signing books and prints. It should be great fun! After that I will be gone for a week, visiting family in Wisconsin, then back home on the 10th. So I won't have any new yokai for the first two weeks of September, but once I get back I will be back to the grindstone!

...Especially because next month is October, and that means A-Yokai-A-Day!

I'll talk a little more about A-Yokai-A-Day later, but I think you're all familiar with it by now. In any case, you've got 10 days to think up what yokai you would like to see next (if you have any preference, that is). I will gather up all your suggestions, and after I get back from traveling I will start them for September, and try finish up the rest in October when I will double down on producing new writeups and illustrations.

So think about what you'd like to see and post them in the comments below! :)