September's To Do List
So! New month means new to do list. Here's what I'm planning to get done this month:
  • Test all the spreads for the GM's Tarot Guide: I got less done on this than I expected to last month, so I'm scaling back my expectations just a bit. There's a ton of spreads I need to test and make sure will work to pull this off and I'm been planning to include examples with each one like in the NPC guide. Maybe I'll even do videos or something to go with if I can figure a good way to shoot them. So it's going to be, you know, intensive.
  • Finish reading Godbound's manual and start work on Loaded God Complex: Focusing on reading has been harder than expected so getting LGC done has been way harder than it should be. But I am so determined! I am totally going to make this a thing for real!
  • Do freelance stuff: The work continues on the indie title I've been plucking away at. Next up are turnarounds and details for the first character I designed once I hear back from the 3D artist and some promotional type art.
  • Maybe make some art for use in tabletops?: I don't know if this is going to be, like, just portraits or what but I'm going to be trying to make more art more frequently. So yeah. Maybe like character portraits or something for use on Roll20 and the like.

So... that's the plan for the month. Fingers crossed all goes well. I'm gonna go... start trying to finish reading Godbound again...