[Sequence] 01
Cheap filler for tonight. Simply because I'm actually having trouble filming the video history. Without the footage there's just not much to say. But I'll keep trying to figure something out. 
Tier Benefits
Pledge $0 or more per creation
Pledge $0.01 or more per creation
Patrons Only
Stealth Sponsorship
$1 or more per creation
One dollar isn't much, but it means a lot. It's like a picture that's worth a thousand words (but it's actually a dollar). Your name will be credited on future projects. It's like a little wall-of-fame!
Not-so-stealth Sponsorship
$5 or more per creation
The next level of support! It's like a small gallery of a thousand word-meaning pictures. That sounds about right. You're name will be credited on future projects, bold-style! Totally something to brag about (not really)!
Illustrated Sponsorship
$10 or more per creation
Do you like having your name everywhere? What? You want more? Great! Have a special drawing so you can tell people you spend a lot of money to support a content-creators you like.

*Portret (cartoon), random drawing
Charactaristic Sponsorship
$15 or more per creation
Skip the drawing and go for the next best thing. You're name will become a character in one of the projects and you can also pitch idea's for it! Everything will be taken into consideration. Who knows, maybe you'll be the next action hero!
Sponsor Extrordinair
$20 or more per creation
You don't want a drawing? Fine! You don't want your name as a character in a project? Fine! Then... well... you know what?! Let's try something out, just to see if it works. When you select this Tier, you can pitch a reward! If we can't figure something out than you are free to select another one. But hey, I think we can do it.

*No funny business... or handjobs

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