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Almost to the day after I scanned the final issue of NextGen, donated by the generous aloram, another Retromags user, chiavelli, offered to donate two missing issues of PC Accelerator, which I was all too happy to scan. Afterward I bought the last remaining issue from him, so next update we'll see a complete set of PCXL.

PC gaming will get its due! Here we have an issue of the old PCGames magazine that preceded IDG's Electronic Entertainment, one issue of Game Player's PC Strategy Guide, and two issues of its successor, Game Players PC Entertainment. These truly are forgotten and neglected magazines. Almost no information is available about them online.

According to SegaRetro, Famitsu DC is also a mysterious mag with little information available. I've scanned and edited the only issue I have. I do however have a lot of Weekly Famitsu, and there's one more scan here from 1993.

Topping off this update is issue number two of MacAddict, which I discovered long ago through Next Generation.

Speaking of which…

Here's an eleventh bonus scan for this update—issue number one of Next Generation, with continuous fold out cover! I'll do one or two of these bonus scans each update until I'm finished with the first 22 issues. Next Generation is my favorite magazine and I want very much to have and share the entire collection my way. So no charge!

Look for all these magazines and more on my page at The Internet Archive. Only a few of these are going on Retromags because they do not yet have database entries for them. Such is the state of our piecemeal knowledge about these old magazines, which I will continue to preserve the best I can.

Thank you very much for your help and support!

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