Serendipity Holistic - Tip of the Day

Did you know you can send Reiki energy everywhere and at any time, and you can pretty much treat everything.

You can use it to infuse your food and drink with healing energy to benefit your overall health. The energy will sink into your cells and help your metabolism.

The method is simple and is all about intention, find what suits you best.

• Focus your mind and state for Reiki to flow. 
• Place your hands around the cup of water, or hover your hands above a plate of food or even use your mind, whatever works best for you. 
• Visualise the healing energy permeating the water/food and clearing it of any negative vibrations and that it will do your body the greatest good. 
• Drink the water/ eat the food and let its energy get to work.

if you want to get creative you can even design your own reiki tea coasters or dinner place mats. Draw the power symbol and mental/ emotional symbol on paper. Wrap around a coaster/mat and place your drinks/food on them.


Namaste Charlie - Serendipity Holistic