Serfuin and Kinguin (Many Monster Project)

(Left) Serfuin

They live in large colonies, spending most of their time waiting on Kinguin hand and foot.

(Right) Kinguin

It is a brutish bully that constantly torments its Serfuin underlings. It will cruelly attack and freeze-dry any Serfuin that defies it. If there are ever two or more Kingquin in a colony, a vicious battle will go on until only one remains.

They are based on many sea birds such as penguins, puffins, and auks and blue-footed boobies.

If they were Pokemon...


Species: Servant Pokemon

Type: Water/Flying

Abilities: Swift swim/ Run Away

Egg Group: Flying/ Water 1

Notable Moves: Roost, Water Gun, Wing Attack, After You

Serfuin evolves into Kingquin by Level up while holding a king's rock.


Species: Tyrant Pokemon

Type: Water/Ice

Abilities: Thick Fat/ Contrary

Egg Group: Flying/ Water 1

Notable Move: Body slam, Avalanche, Belly drum, Freeze-Dry

Name Origins

Serfuin: Servant/ Serf/ Surf/ Penguin

Kinguin: King/ Penguin

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