The series I'd like to start after a few projects and the move to Burbank.
Not really afraid of anyone snagging the idea, as I already have most of the episodes planned out, and honestly, who cares, this is ours.


Hiro Hayabusa is forced to run his uncle's pawn shop when his uncle calls in sick.

The pawn shop, "Pawn Pawn Oversale", is like any ordinary pawn shop, just old and filled with old shit. Also an old man who sleeps in the front (who turns out to be a friend of Hiro's uncle).

A colorful cast of assholes (including a cyborg, a magician, and possibly even Satan) meander into the shop looking to scam Hiro, who has to learn the secret art of pawning on the fly: Gradually becoming an epic pawn master. 

A few of his defeated challengers wind up as regulars and aid Hiro against greater foes, though the mysterious Phantom Pawner appears from time to time, both challenging and assisting Hiro.

Ultimately, Boss Lady (the landlord) drops a seemingly impossible ultimatum on Hiro, and due to his uncle's untimely and suspicious death, Hiro must defy all odds if he is to keep the shop.

The goal is to make a "short" (finite) 10-episode series of web cartoons, reusing a ton of assets. A slight piss-take outta typical animes, it's somewhat in the style of Space Ghost CtC, Ace Attorney, and Girl Chan in Paradise. The whole thing takes place in the shop, with occasional shots taking place at Hiro's shitty apartment.



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