Series Premiere Eve
You know how people say "This isn't my first rodeo!" to express they have experience doing something. Strange thing is, I don't think anyone I know who says has ever been a rodeo (I've spent most of my life in the Midwest after all). Additionally, even if this wasn't my first rodeo, that suddenly means I'm an expert? But I could've only been to one rodeo before. But, hey, since it's not my first rodeo, move aside because I'm basically a master now (and I'm wearing sunglasses indoors so you KNOW how cool I am now that I've been a rodeo before).

The reason I bring up rodeos is because 1) it's important that you know I still haven't been to my first rodeo and 2) it reminds me of this new podcast series. Julia and I have released tons of things in the past. If you go to our Facebook , you'll see several of our original dank memes. Our web page shows off our eight episode web series, Business Solutions . And if that's not enough, we have tons of fun, short videos on our Youtube page . We've released stuff before - big stuff too. And yet, here I am, with butterflies in my stomach because we're about to release this podcast.

They're good butterflies, I assure you! Let me show you them real quick:

  • A podcast is so much different than a short video because they're so accessible. In our culture of multi-tasking, podcasts are a neat, on-the-go medium. So it's possible a lot of people will actually listen to this.
  • We're showing off our imagination more. No need to worry about what you're writing when you don't need to film it. The sky's the limit.
  • Podcast fans love supporting their favorite podcasts, which encouraged us to set up this Patreon page. But I feel like setting this up is a big step. It's like admitting, "Hey, I think my art might be good enough for people to maybe want to give money to it if they want to, and I'm also willing to take this further if people want to give us a lot of money."

So on the eve of our series premiere, I write that I'm excited - like really excited. I'm excited to show you this podcast, and I'm excited for all the places it's going to take us -  and hopefully one of those places is a rodeo, because I still haven't been to one of those.