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SEROTONIN (feat. LEX the Lexicon Artist)
Happy New Year. If you're like me, you might enjoy the holiday season but might also be really happy when it's over. This isn't the normal happy go lucky song from me, it's all about battling anxiety. You can make it. Thank you for listening! Enjoy the new track, and check out more of LEX on her site! https://thelexiconartist.com/

 check out our MAKING OF video here: https://youtu.be/nH9ZTCFiRM4

Serotonin (5-hydroxytryptamine, 5-HT) is a chemical found in the human body.

It carries signals along and between nerves - a neurotransmitter. It is mainly found in the brain, bowels and blood platelets.

Serotonin is thought to be especially active in constricting smooth muscles, transmitting impulses between nerve cells, regulating cyclic body processes and contributing to wellbeing and happiness.

Serotonin is regarded by some researchers as a chemical that is responsible for maintaining mood balance, and that a deficit of serotonin leads to depression. It's super important to hold on to your happiness. Do it however you can. 

Peace and love! 

Ran and LEX

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