As some of you might have already noticed, my server has decided to die in the most agonizing way. Both its harddrives gave in, even killing the daily backups. I contacted support and all they could do was replacing the harddrives (for free at least).

I have a manual backup for everything from December, but that means I lost four months of my personal diary entries (project stats). My personal entries aren't that important (I don't even read them :D), it simply means I don't have project statistics for the last four months. But eh, nothing to lose sleep about. More importantly, some PHQ progress, messages, forum and personal page entries have been lost, and that really sucks.

In any case, I ordered a new server, this time a virtual one, with snapshot functionality and backups. Plus, it only costs half as much as the old one.

I slowly put my individual pages back up online, but I noticed one big issue. You might have heard about the General Data Protection Regulation, which is enforceable starting May 25th. PHQ does not adhere to these regulations at all, so if I put it back online, I have to put up some privacy policies and change the way user information is stored (and for how long).

This is not good timing at all because currently I want (and need) to focus 99% of my available time on finishing the HQ Trilogy, so it might take a while until PHQ is back online - if at all.

If you care about PHQ getting back up online (or anything else, such as Nodecity), let me know via email ([email protected]) or in the comments, and I'll see to it!

As for my personal website (The Farm), a lot of the functionality depended on shared stuff from PHQ (mainly comments and the shop), so it needs a bit of a restructuring. Again, it's not the time right now, so it's just Catty & Batty flying through space in the meantime. :D

I wish you all a relaxing rest of the weekend! <3

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