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Here's a session log for my latest play session with the post-apocalyptic version of MASTER System, MASTER System: Overkill. I converted the old TSR "Legion of Gold" module for Gamma World into MS terms... we are approaching the end of the module now.

July 4th, 2015

Having secured the SAMURAI facility, the group returned to Horn to report what had happened. Baron Jemmas, his Squire, and MorDak were eager to meet with them. The Baron then charged them with a new task- to capture and bring back one of the “golden warriors” for his people to study as a means of developing an effective counter-strategy.

Zakia, Bad Hair Day, and Samantha Arcane agreed to attempt this most dangerous task. They then spoke with Willm, an injured warrior from the battle at Deerld. Willm had been there when the “Legion of Gold” broke the militia’s line. He sustained a severe electrical burn to one leg before he was forced to withdraw from the fight, and he indicated that the Legion seemed to use primarily short-range attacks of either exploding fire missiles or bolts of electricity. As was with previous accounts, he also indicated that the Legion’s shimmering gold energy-field would flicker for a brief moment, and that moment saw some of his men strike serious blows against the warrior. He also indicated that there seemed to be leaders among the Legion that did not take direct action during the conflict but remained at the back. Small groups of the Legion warriors also seemed to act in unison rather than as a single individual.

The group persuaded him to accompany them on this mission despite the fact that his injury slowed him down a bit. The Baron also gave the group some additional equipment in a pack Willm carried. They then set out in the Aquatron, Samantha at the controls, having had a crash course in piloting the thing on the way back from the SAMURAI facility courtesy of Lahela Black.

It did not take long before they encountered trouble. A burned out wagon and some bodies were blocking the road. Zakia indicated that it looked like a good spot for an ambush, so the team disembarked with caution. Zakia’s concerns were quickly brought to light when a group of raiders attacked from various locations of cover, initiating combat with a firebomb. Bad Hair Day returned fire with his energy blast mutation and quickly provoked the bomber’s retreat, but several of the remaining raiders advanced on the group. The battle was short and brutal, with the team killing or incapacitating most of the raiders. They took anything of value the raiders had, checked the burned out wagon and bodies, and finding nothing else of interest, they returned to the highway.

Soon they passed through the ruins of Deerld. There was a huge pile of smoldering bodies and rubble mostly blocking the highway, so, again, the party cautiously disembarked. Soon they were approached by a huge three-headed mutant platypus beast. It spoke to Bad Hair Day telepathically and Bad Hair Day agreed to trade with the creature. Apparently, it was quite hungry, having picked through the remains of Deerld’s dead. Willm noted that all the remains seemed to be of the very old or the very young. Apparently the Legion took most of the young adults and adults with them when they left. Bad Hair Day traded some Rattle Jerky and the strange creature gave the party two small metal orbs that Zakia was able to identify as Progenitor-tech EMP bombs and something that looked a lot like one of the access key cards the party had recovered from the SAMURAI base. The creature then disappeared into the smoke-filled shadows of the ruins.

The group continued on their way, following the highway northwest as it left Deerld. They then came across a sturdy barricade erected across the highway. As Bad Hair Day stepped out to investigate, a person wearing armor decorated with gold metal and electronic components, carrying a long almost staff-like sword came through the gate in the barricade. She asked Bad Hair Day if he was a follower of “The Voice” since he was obviously a mutant. He said he was not, and the strange woman then began the effort to recruit him. He played along for a bit and another figure, armed and lightly armored, approached with a golden box. When he opened the box so that Bad Hair Day could receive “The Voice”, Samantha (still hiding in the Aquatron at Bad Hair Day’s request) recognized it as a “pimp hat” as one of her companions had dubbed the bizarre Headbot riding a bear that the group had encountered early in their travels! Bad Hair Day took this to mean bad things and attacked, enraging the woman in the ceremonial trappings, and she screeched at him about how he was going to pay for refusing the gift of her god, “The Reaper”!

Bad Hair Day destroyed the Headbot and quickly the rest of the team broke cover and attacked. There was a third figure hiding in the ruins off the road, armed with a sniper rifle, and he joined the fight. Soon additional reinforcements arrived in the form of a mutated telekinetic bear, two Gamma Mutants, and a powerful Alpha Mutant that channeled and absorbed electricity!

This fight proved quite a struggle, and it literally came down to the last man, with Zakia defeating the last of these “Followers of the Voice” to save his allies. Willm was killed and Bad Hair Day narrowly survived on little more than willful determination. Samantha Arcane tended to the team’s wounds, and the group then began to take stock of the resources available to them, looting the Followers. They then began preparing to bunk down for the night as the sun set in the hazy sky.

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